vCard to Outlook Conversion is Made Easy with vCard Converter Tool

Published: 06th February 2012
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Introduction – What is vCard ?The vCards are the digital and electronic equivalents of contact information, commonly known as business cards. The vCard is actually a standard for the representation of contact, information that is seen for a contact in an Address Book or in an email application. vCard contains contact information like names, addresses, URLs and so on. By convention, the file format of vCard is “.vcf”. This VCF is standard file format for vCards, which are used to store and save contact information for a person or business. These vCards also supports custom fields, images, and several other types of media. vCard (.vcf) supports several electronic devices as of mobile phone, tablets and others as well. VCF files are mostly used for importing and exporting contacts from Address Books. They can also be attached to emails, which help the recipient to easily import sender's contact information into any supported application. Receiving vCard contacts from various sources leads to accumulation large number of vCard files. So here backing up vCard contact into Microsoft Outlook is an apt option to secure and safe vCard files. G ahead with vCard Converter utilities or choose Outlook’s import option to import vCard contacts.

Constraints of Microsoft Outlook over Importing vCards -Microsoft Outlook gives you well designed option for importing a vCard
files into Outlook but whenever you have multiple vCard contacts and want to import them into Microsoft Outlook then this built-in option
for importing a vCard into Outlook becomes fail for you. Microsoft Outlook’s inbuilt option of importing vCard is limited and restricted to
import single or one vCard at a time. When you have large number of vCards, you wish to import your vCards in bulk, that’s it!

Make an Online Search:With the help of some affordable third-party vCard Convertersoftware available in market it is easy to convert vCard to Outlook or import vCard to Outlook in bulk i.e. you can import multiple vCard contacts to Outlook in one fly. To search some tool is not a tough task. The only thing you need to do is to make an online search so that you can get some reliable utility software to perform bulk vCard Conversion without any hassles.

Tool to convert vCard to Outlook: One effective tool for this purpose is SoftSpire vCard Converter
software, which is extremely easy-to-use that even an entry-level computer user feels no difficulty in using it. This tool is equipped with advanced technology that will help you perform the conversion process quickly even you have large number of vCard contacts. This tool possess all qualities the users wishes to have; It’s an easy to use tool using which process of vCard conversion goes smoothly from start to end; It’s an affordable tool which is available at only $49; A powerful tool that converts and imports contacts from vCard to Outlook with accurate results by preserving all information like Name, Addresses(home, business, mailing, parcel), Phone numbers (home, business, fax, cell, ISDN, voice, data, video), Email addresses, URLs (Universal Resource Locators).

Three Simple Steps to Convert Unlimited vCard Contacts to Microsoft Outlook:
 Follow the steps given below to convert vCard Contacts to Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Purchase SoftSpire vCard Converter software in Full Working Mode. Before investing in the product straight away, don’t forget
    to check the demo version which is absolutely FREE of cost.

  2. Install and Run the software onto your system to convert multiple vCard contacts to Outlook.

  3. For successful completion of conversion process follow the instructions coming successively on the system interface.

By this way, bulk of multiple vCard or VCF files can be imported into Outlook. The best solution is to pick the comprehensive while flexible
vCard Converter tool to accomplish the whole process of bulk vCard Conversion.

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